The Swiss-Countryside

May 28, 2014

Today, I’ve decided to take a moment to just decompress.


You would think that I had already done so, seeing that I have just received my B.A. with honors in both of my majors and a cum laude distinction.


Instead, I’ve spent the past two weeks trying desperately to find employment (like most recent grads) and a car. Coming home to watch my brother graduate high school has made things a bit more difficult too. But, life would be kind of boring if I didn’t constantly make it more challenging for myself.


After taking the morning to relax and work on my website, I decided to go for my run. I needed to pick up my bike, which has just been serviced.

I figured I’d run to pick up my bike and ride it back home.


Today’s eight miles brought me through four different townships and made me realize how much I love this country. In Switzerland everything is so close.

Just walk two miles up the road, and there waiting for you, is a whole landscape of farms and cows.


Also, virtually anywhere you go there will be a fountain and a clock somewhere. With such an active population I guess proper hydration must be in order…and of course you need to uphold ‘swiss-punctuality’ while doing so, right?


I think I enjoy my runs here so much, because of the beautiful and vibrant surroundings I encounter. Every moment is just so interesting and different. It makes the run feel a lot shorter. Unfortunately, no matter where my run takes me there are always multiple inclines to be found. (which can also make it a lot more grueling)


I love exploring my surroundings through running though!


Two days ago I stumbled upon outdoor gardens.

You can rent them like an apartment and grow your own produce!

A lot of people that live in apartments choose to have their own gardens, in order to get out and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Tomorrow I will be riding my bike to my job, because: a 1h30min bike ride = 40-45min train ride = 18.-

This country also has the downside of being quite expensive, which with a swiss salary is not really a problem. However, I do not have one just yet.

So, instead of taking the train I’ve decided to get out and use my bike as transport instead. I haven’t considered how much the car drive would cost.

But, with the mountains and the lake to lend me company, I think ill stick with enjoying the view during my ride instead.


With that, I think it’s about time for me to go to bed now. For those that don’t know, two-year-olds can be quite a handful, and the one I am babysitting tomorrow is one active and happy child.

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