No Refined Sugar Challenge

June 11, 2014

I felt like spicing things up a little again. So, I’ve decided to take on the no refined sugar challenge. Plus, I felt that my energy levels were crashing too much .

(Although, that could also be due to lack of consistent caffeine hydration . . . a fairly recent problem)


I won’t be sticking to it 100%, because honestly I can’t live without some sugar.

My Sugars of choice will therefore be: honey and maple syrup.

Out of all the sugars I think these are the best two to keep.

Today was difficult. I realized that even my beloved pickles might have to become a homemade project, if I want to take this challenge seriously . . . f
or now, well . . . lets just say I cheated . . .  


Not that my life isn’t busy enough, or that I don’t challenge myself enough. I run every morning and try to pack as much into a day as humanly possible. (except for a ridgid bedtime, that rivals even the youngest child's favorite time of day)


Still, I feel that refined sugars creep up on me in everything. After a while I start craving them more. Maybe it’s my body telling me that I need them . . . so I would like to think.


I will probably have a few cheat days, because I don’t think I can live without chocolate . . . but, on the whole, I will pledge to live as closely to this “no refined sugar” rule as possible!

Day 1 down . . . 29 to go! (I figured 30 days was a reasonable and abitious enough goal)

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