100 Days of Happy-ness

June 10, 2014

So there is this challenge: 100 Days of Happiness


I’ve decided that each month I will start a new challenge for myself. This month I’m 9 days behind, but I’m confident I should be able to catch up on this one – unlike the many other tasks that seem to keep accumulating themselves on my “to do” list.

(I still haven’t managed to find the ‘guilt-free wipe clean’ button for that one . . .)


I heard about this challenge from Jade. One of her friends, who had come to visit her here in Zurich, was doing it during the time of her visit.


A very wise person – who I am SO lucky to have in my life – made me aware of the fact that I ought to embrace happiness a little more frequently.  Without him around daily, life just feels a little blander. He brings so much joy in to it, and its kind of hard to match that enthusiasm when I’m on my own.


However, hopefully taking on this challenge will generate a very positive change. I know you are supposed to take pictures along with it. Maybe I’ll create a stream, but unfortunately I still have not figured out how to post more pictures on this blog yet.



1. Happy to send letters to family and friends =)


2. Happy that I have a wonderful home and actually enjoy taking care of it!


3. That our cousins came to visit us from Paris!


4. That I am back to running long distances almost entirely pain-free


5. A little boy running with a green backpack half his size flopping back and forth

   (he was just so adorable!)


6. The realization that parents/grandparents not only teach the ‘own responsibility’-lesson, by strapping on a backpack, but might actually have found a tool to slow down the toddler! They have super natural powers . . . being devilishly fast is one of them!


7. To call Switzerland my home!


8. Living in a country with so many lakes, each one colder than the next! . . . brrr!


9. Watching the two-year old I babysit play in the pool. The joy on his face = priceless


10. Got a free chocolate bar from the indian resturant that sold me a wonderful lunch with masman curry and daal! On top of that a kiosk vendor took -.50 off a package of gum. He said he'd give it to me for 1.- instead of 1.50- =)


11. Happy to have my brother back home after climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!


12. That I can get paid for doing what I love. (painting signs for Mike's Ice Cream Shack at Fork and Bottle. if you haven't been there yet, its about time you call in a reservation for one of his Sunday morning Burnches!


13. That I can use my bike as a main method of transportation!


14. Had the pleasure of attending a vernissage (hosted by the company I will be interning for in January), and spending time with some very dear friends. Laura and I stayed out dancing until 3am! Had a blast


15. Max finally took a picture in his uniform with me after his match. of course it took one of his buddies taking a picture with me first, and then telling him to shape up and suck it up! =)


16. Able to go to a new city and explore due to a babysitting job!


17. Waiting for the bus with the little girl I am watching, we listened to a wonderful jazz singer singing "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones. I sang along, she seemed to really like it. Plus, the sun was just going down, so there was a beautiful atmosphere around the entire moment. Loved it!

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